Land of Smiles … (Thailand Visa Experience)

Target Country: Thailand
Passport: Indian Passport
Visa Purpose: Tourist Visa
Processing Consulate/Embassy: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport
Documents submitted:

  1. Onwards tickets (electronic itinerary was acceptable).
  2. Address in Thailand.
  3. Baht 1000 fee (cash was OK).
  4. Filled application form (available at Bangkok Airport)
  5. 1 passport-sized photos
  6. Valid passport

Too easy! You just turn up at Bangkok Airport (or most other ports of entry in Thailand) and you apply for the visa at a dedicated desk before the immigrations area. There was no queues.

Time frame: 15 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on how many flights arrive at the same time.

NEW!!! Update as of July 2016: Our flight arrived in Suvarnabhumi airport at the same time as a number of flights from India, China and other Visa-on-Arrival countries. As a result the visa queue was at least 1.5 hours long. Luckily we had filled in the online visa form before traveling – this helped us jump the queue. The visa processing still took 20 minutes. The online visa form is available here. Don’t worry about the security warning about an invalid certificate. This is the genuine form.

In Llama land …(Peru visa experience)

Target Country: Peru
Passport: Indian Passport
Visa Type: Tourist Visa
Visa Processing Consulate/Embassy: Sydney, Australia
Documents submitted:

  1. Signed letter from current employer stating employment status and salary
  2. Return tickets (electronic itinerary was acceptable).
  3. Detailed itinerary of travel plans within Peru (including transportation and accommodation).
  4. AUD $45 fee (money order or bank draft).
  5. Filled application form (
  6. Two passport-sized photos
  7. Valid passport

Don’t take the information posted on the embassy website for granted. Double check! Always!
My travel agent asked me for documents listed on the website. But then I had to later supply 1 more photo and that letter from my employer. This delayed the process by 1 week. So the total time to get the visa was 2 weeks.

Time frame: 2 weeks.


Let me first introduce myself. I am a 26 year old male Indian citizen (on an Indian Passport) living in Australia as a permanent resident. I refuse to take up Australian Citizenship because I hate the thought of standing in the ‘foreigner’ queue at Delhi Airport. I just hate to be a foreigner in my own land!

So, the price I pay is putting up with being treated suspiciously by every country on Earth (except, notably Hong Kong and Nepal). I am yet to find a country that doesn’t need me to prove that I won’t deplete their precious resources before they let me in. In this blog I will describe my visa and travel related experiences – one country at a time.

The information presented here should not be believed completely, and you should still contact the embassies/consulates of the concerned countries for up-to-date and complete travel info.