In Llama land …(Peru visa experience)

Target Country: Peru
Passport: Indian Passport
Visa Type: Tourist Visa
Visa Processing Consulate/Embassy: Sydney, Australia
Documents submitted:

  1. Signed letter from current employer stating employment status and salary
  2. Return tickets (electronic itinerary was acceptable).
  3. Detailed itinerary of travel plans within Peru (including transportation and accommodation).
  4. AUD $45 fee (money order or bank draft).
  5. Filled application form (
  6. Two passport-sized photos
  7. Valid passport

Don’t take the information posted on the embassy website for granted. Double check! Always!
My travel agent asked me for documents listed on the website. But then I had to later supply 1 more photo and that letter from my employer. This delayed the process by 1 week. So the total time to get the visa was 2 weeks.

Time frame: 2 weeks.

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