Belgium Schengen Visa experience in London

Visa Type: Schengen Visa (tourist)
Issuing Country: Belgium
Application Centre: VFS, Soho Square, London

Duration of Visa Granted: 3 months
Number of days stay granted: 14 days
Time taken for processing: 2 days

All the standard Schengen visa documents — hotel bookings, flight bookings, photo, passport, application form, travel insurance, letter from employer, covering letter.

There was a long queue at the VFS centre, but it moved quickly. Once inside the centre, we were issued a number. Our number was called within 10 minutes. We spent another 10 mins with the lady at the counter.

Got an SMS and Email from VFS telling us when the application was sent to the Belgian Embassy, and another SMS and Email when the Embassy returned our passports.

There was another queue to collect the passports. No appointment system for collection.

Overall very smooth experience.

Key points to keep in mind:
1. Book an appointment for applying.
2. Arrive 10-15 mins before appointment time (no earlier than that).
3. Arrive 15 mins early for collecting passport
4. Be prepared to stand in line (in the open-air) for 15-20 minutes at application and collection.
5. Costs an extra £26 per head to apply at VFS.

One thought on “Belgium Schengen Visa experience in London

  1. I am glad your experience went so well. Mine on the otherhand was appaling! I had to go to the centre twice for 1 application and had to wait an hour outside, once in had to wait another 2 hours. Then had to re-write my application form as the form downloaded from their site was out of date.On both occations the persons helping me where incredibly rude and unprofessional. The £26 charge you have to pay is really to pay their salaries as this is an outsourced service provided for embassies. So we the applicant pay for the terrible service they provide.The worst visa process I have ever had to endure and feel pity for anyone that have to use it!If you get to deal with the person at counter number 1… good luck to you! By far the most unproffesional person I have come accross.I would avoid a VFS centre!!!Would recommend you visit a country where you don't have to use a vfs centre to get a visa in future! Much less stress!!!


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