Second time USA B1/B2 visa application

Passport: Indian Passport
Embassy: US Embassy in London, UK
Visa Decision Time: On-the-spot
Visa Appointment Wait time: About 2 weeks
Passport delivery time: About 3 working days
Points to note

  • No electronics, not even earphones/cables/key-fobs allowed in the embassy
  • You can take a book and/or a snack, but no bags
  • Time spent within the embassy: About 1 hour
  • You need to complete your online application beforehand, and carry the confirmation page & payment receipt
  • Passport delivery costs about £16, you need a credit/debit card to pay for it. No cash.

Documents that they looked at:

  • Current passport
  • Old Passport with old US Visa
  • Application confirmation

I took a slew of documents, including bank statements, payslips, letter from my employer. They didn’t look at any of them.

Questions they asked in the interview:

  • How long will you be in the US?
  • Where did you get your last visa?
  • How long have you lived in the UK?
  • Where did you live before the UK? What did you do there?
  • Are you married? Is you wife in the UK?

Hope this helps!

8 thoughts on “Second time USA B1/B2 visa application

  1. Thanks for the blog Vipul..It's really helpful.I guess after reading your blog that it's possible to apply for a visitor's Visa to US if you have an Indian passport and you are in UK.Does this also apply for a person who is on a tourist visa to UK?Can a person who has stayed in UK for a month on tourist visa apply for B1/B2 when in UK?I have been googling for this all through out the day and I stumbled upon your site :)..Hope you might have an idea about this !!


  2. Rashiqa — short answer is No.In general you can only apply for visas to other countries at their UK embassies if you live in the UK. I.e. if you are on a tier-1/tier-2/student-visa etc.There are some exceptions to this rule. The following countries sometimes accept visa applications at their UK embassies even if you are on a tourist visa: Barbados, Antigua & Barbuda, Slovenia.But I doubt the US embassy will entertain your request. If you absolutely need to apply in the UK, please contact the US embassy directly and ask them for an opinion.


  3. hii dis is pravin ur information is really helpfull…am on student visa in uk how can i apply for usa vist visa from uk.. am in uk just 2mnths bck… i want to vist usa for my cousin marriage… wht are the documents required to apply wht are da chances of getting visa…..


  4. Pravin — you can get full instructions at the US Embassy website here … can't really comment on your chances of getting the visa – that depends on your case, and whether you can supply all the required evidence. But in general, I haven't heard (among my friends) of US visas getting denied at the US embassy in London. A student visa makes you a resident of the UK, and hence you should be able to apply.


  5. You should be able to – ensure you have all the right documents though (including a letter from your college saying you are a student there, and confirming the end date for your course)


  6. thq.. documents wch i have is – invitation letter from my uncle- passport copy of my uncle- greencard copy- 6 mnths bank statment of uncle- his compny appointment letter- – my documnets wch i hv is – passport- 45 days bank statment in uk mainting 3000pounds- college letter- property in india- my austriala n uk visas.- flight tkts. is dis documents suffiecnt or i need to shw ny more documents…other den dis..


  7. I am a dentist and i want to take the NBDE exam which is administred only in USA and Canada. I recently applied for a B2 visa for the same but unfortunately it got rejected.I was advised to tell all truth to the visa consular and i did. I applied for visa and stated that writing the exam was my main intention.i also admitted to the fact that my brother stays in USA and is on H1 visa. I applied to few masters programs in dentistry an year ago and i was called for a compulsory personal interview to the USA,which i did not attend due to personal reasons.I paid the exam fee and booked a slot for the exam and showed the receipt at the interview.The visa officer asked me how long you want to stay in USA, and i said 1 month, for which she asked why a month when the exam is just for a day. For which i showed the last years interview email from XYZ university and i answered that yes i would like to visit few college n see the facilities in them and I might have interviews by this year end (2012) for the admissions which will take place in 2013 JulyI was rejected on the grounds that i was interested in studying in the USA in future. I believe all know that exams are written to study in USA in future, but why was my visa rejected. Is it that i have uttered more than what i should have? Did i screw my chances by saying about the interviews?Should i tell the same in the next iterview? Please advice me how to convince them that i will return back to India. I am currently employed ( showed at last interview) and i may acquire my own clinic very soon will that help.I do have the option of writing it in Canada. Will going to Canada to write the exam effect my future student Visa to USA?Please advise.


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