Bermuda … Impossible to figure out whether Indians need a visa or not

Just a note on my recent experience with figuring out the visa system for Bermuda. I was planning to go, but finally decided against going because of schedule clashes, but the visa process is outlined here for you anyway.

To describe it in one word: Confusing

This is what the Bermuda department of immigration website says (link updated June 2019)

  • Indian citizens are on the Visa Nationals list. I.e. we require visas.
  • Indian citizens can arrive in Bermuda without a visa if they have either a) US Green Card, b) Canada Green Card or c) Indefinite Leave to remain in the UK
  • We can get a “visa waiver” if we have any other multiple entry visa to the UK, USA or Canada (and are flying to Bermuda from one of those countries & returning to one of them as well). This includes visas such as (but not limited to) H1, L1, B1, UK Tier 1, UK Tier 2, Student visas, Multiple Entry Tourist visas, Canada Temporary Resident visa etc.
  • We need to pay a $200 per head visa waiver fee — which is preposterous in my opinion

But then when we called the Bermuda Department of Immigration, they told us something completely different :

  • Indian citizens are not on the Visa Nationals list. I.e. We do not need visas at all.
  • And also, very confusingly, we still somehow need multiple entry visas to US/Canada/UK.
  • No clarity on the $200 visa waiver fee

So the visa confusion, coupled with the expensiveness of Bermuda and unavailability of late evening flights to/from New York, ensured that I don’t visit Bermuda.


If you have experience in Bermuda visas / visa-waivers – please do comment below

11 thoughts on “Bermuda … Impossible to figure out whether Indians need a visa or not

  1. we went to bermuda2 yrs ago mainly bcause berm didnt need indians to get a visa beforehand. there is no fee either.i had EAD/AP and wife on H1b. on arrival the officer asked what we do and our hotel reservations and stamped 15days.. it was very easy….


  2. Thanks for the information…I came across this site / ca / uk . It gives you exact information about the visa requirements of any and every country in the world. Saves a lot of time 🙂


  3. Thanks for sharing Mrinali. I am aware of VisaHQ but I find they leave some questions unanswered. E.g. The official guidance I got from the Bermuda Immigration alluded to a $200 visa waiver fee. Some commenters here actually had to pay that fee, while others didn’t. There is no clear guidance about this on VisaHQ either.


  4. I am an Indian living in Bermuda, and regularly deal with the Immigration department for visa requirements for my parents. They keep changing the requirements, so it is crucial to check close to your travel dates. As of now, June 2014, Indians can land in Bermuda for 3 months as long as they have a US or Canadian visa. It is best to email someone in the Immigration department, usually they are very quick to respond.


  5. Uday and PR are spot on. Great blog by the way.

    Here is the official email from chief immigration officer:
    With effect at March 1, 2014, Bermuda entry visas and visa waivers are no longer required for tourist. To be landed in Bermuda, the following requirements for Visa Controlled Nationals must be met:
    1) all travelers who require a multi re-entry visa (MRV)for the UK, US or Canada must present this visa-type upon arrival in Bermuda;
    2) the MRV for the UK, US or Canada must be valid for 45 days after the expiration of a visitor’s intended stay; and
    3) all travelers must possess a passport that is valid for 45 days past a visitor’s intended stay.
    Persons whose MRV and passport validity is less than 45 days will not be landed.


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