Passport Annexure F Problems

Just read a fantastic & harrowing blog post by Dharmesh Shah about getting an ‘Annexure F’ for the Tatkal passport process. Highly recommend you read it & learn from his experience. In short, this is what you need to know (quoted from Dharmesh’s blog):

Annexure F needs to meet following criteria:
A) 2 sets of Originals required
B) Has to be on Printed Stationary and not computer generated letterhead
C) Have to provide ID proof (in 2 copies) as Liquor Card/Canteen Card of the Serving Officer…
(For Public Sector Officials) Need to provide office ID card showing that person’s designation as well. Else, get another letter from the same official stating that he indeed is who he claims to be, i.e He is the GM of Bank of XYZ. etc.
D) The photograph on Appendix I and Appendix F needs to be the SAME one as in the application


See the full post here:

Trouble Renewing Passport – last passport was issued abroad

My passport has run out of pages. I need a new passport, before I can apply for any further visas.

Problem #1: I currently live in Delhi, but haven’t lived here for 1 year. Through second hand experience I learned that the Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs) won’t even accept your application if you can’t prove that you have lived in their jurisdiction for 1 year, and that too at the address where you currently are.

Solution: My current passport has my UP address in it. Hence I decided to apply at the PSK in Ghaziabad UP. This way I don’t get my Delhi address in my passport, but that’s not the end of the world.

Problem #2: The Ghaziabad PSK sent me away. Why? They demanded an ‘Annexure F’ form from me. The website has a ‘document advisor’. This advised me only to take my current passport & my marriage certificate (because I wanted my wife’s name included in my passport). It did not give me any hint that I needed an Annexure F. This Annexure F (aka Verification Certificate – VC) is apparently required because my current passport was issued abroad (in London). The PSK in Ghaziabad did not have my details on their system because of that.

I will fill Annexure F and take it to the next appointment. Thankfully I don’t have to pay the Rs. 2000 for the Tatkal appointment again. I’m just very afraid that when I land up there next, they will find some other reason to send me away! I think I’ll be super cautious and take every possible document with me, whether or not their website explicitly asks for it.

The Lesson: While the passport process has been relatively modernised by outsourcing it to Tata Consulting Services (TCS), remember you are still dealing with a giant slow government entity. Don’t trust the website. Use your judgement, be over prepared, and if you can, use a tout and pay a bribe.