Passport Application – Round 2

You may remember that I’m in the middle of trying to get my passport renewed in Tatkaal (click here for old post about passport renewal). The last time I visited the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) in Ghaziabad, they sent me away demanding that I bring a Verification Certificate (Annexure F) and Affidavit (Annexure I).

After great pains & 2 months of asking around, I found a friend who has contacts at the Customs Department in Delhi. Thanks to this friend I was able to get a Verification Certificate made. It was signed by a deputy commissioner.

So today I went to the PSK again. This time he didn’t even look at the Verification Certificate. Instead he demanded an address proof (even though I’m not asking for a change of address – my address is on my passport). He also demanded a letter of employment. Both showing that I have been at my address for the last 1 year.

I didn’t have these on me, because they didn’t ask for them when I last went. Also the Document Advisor on the website is the most fucking useless tool. It only ‘advised’ me to take my passport with me. Nothing else. And now I have made 2 trips to the PSK without ‘adequate’ documents.

And I’m dead sure that the next time I go to the PSK, they will find another excuse to send me away. I’m starting to think there’s a government conspiracy here (incidentally all the passport officers there were sending EVERYONE away with some excuse or another – I saw at least 5 people being turned away for lack of proper documents, and NOT A SINGLE person being admitted)

Anyway – this is the running list of documents that the PSK has demanded from me so far (for a Tatkaal Passport):

1. Old Passport (+ 2 photocopies)

2. Verification Certificate (2 originals)

  • Get the official text of this certificate here (also known as Annexure F)
  • Need 2 originals
  • On official letterhead of the signing authority
  • Has to be signed & stamped by the authority
  • There has to be a sign & stamp across the photo and the page
  • Have to include authority’s ID card photocopy (official department ID card showing their designation — not their aadhar card or driving license or something).
  • (Update) Seems that the validity of an Annexure F is only 1 month. Ensure you apply within 1 month from date of issue of the Annxure F. If more than a month as passed, go back to the issuing authority and get the date changed on the certificate (with their initials)

3. Annexure I – Affidavit (click here for text) on judicial stamp paper of minimal value

4. Marriage Certificate (+ 2 photocopies) — if you are married, of course

5. Address proof (address on your passport doesn’t count at all – trust me)

  • Could be a utility bill or bank statement covering the period of the last 1 year
  • Original + 2 photocopies needed

6. Letter from Employer saying you are employed and have lived at above address for last 1 year

  • On original company letterhead with their stamp
  • Better to have your photo on the letter, with the company stamp across the photo

7. They have even asked for a Company ID


Not sure what else they will demand when I turn up there next. I’m happy to even pay them a bribe, but that doesn’t seem to be on the cards.

2 thoughts on “Passport Application – Round 2

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