Shortage of Passport Booklets in India

Looks like there is a shortage of passport booklets in India right now, and there is a large backlog of passport applications. I was thinking of trying to apply for my passport again, but now I think I will wait a few weeks.

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NYTimes 52 Places to Go in 2014

Nice list – at least 7 of these places are visa-free or visa-on-arrival for Indian Citizens. No prizes for guessing which ones.

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NYTimes has published their 52 Places to Go in 2014. Here is a listing of what made their travel plans, with their one liners of their decision. Check out the link for the full discourse:

  1. Cape Town, South Africa – A place to meditate on freedom, and the creative life that followed.
  2. Christchurch, New Zealand – The rebirth of a quake-ravaged city.
  3. North Coast, California  – A glorious new preserve for the public.
  4. Albanian Coast – On a rugged shore, Europe at its best.
  5. Downtown Los Angeles – Downtown? Really? Yes, thanks to a thriving food scene.
  6. Namibia – Africa’s latest conservation success story is a boon for travelers.
  7. Ecuador – Epic biodiversity, and a newly renovated railway to get you there.
  8. Quang Binh, Vietnam – Now open: One of the world’s largest caves.
  9. Perth, Australia – For Australian panache, go west.
  10. Rotterdam, the Netherlands – First-class architecture in the…

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India’s Visa on Arrival – torn down

For those of us hoping that other countries would reciprocate and give Indians visa on arrival – I hate do dash your hopes.

Quoting the Indian Express: “The Bureau of Immigration will set up a website for this and upon submission of an application, it will email an electronic visa/travel authorisation within 2-3 days, allowing the tourist to enter India and also facilitate easier verification at airports.” (

You may have noticed statements like the above buried at the bottom of all newspaper articles announcing “Visa on Arrival” in India for 180 countries. This above statement doesn’t suggest “visa on arrival” at all!!

For it to be actually “visa on arrival”, the tourist should just be able to turn up at an Indian airport and complete all visa formalities there. Looks like India will still be requiring tourists to get a visa before travel. 

Of course, if they implement what they promise, applying for a visa online and receiving it electronically is a far cry above having to wait in line for hours at various Indian Embassies around the world. So Kudos anyway!