NYTimes 52 Places to Go in 2014

Nice list – at least 7 of these places are visa-free or visa-on-arrival for Indian Citizens. No prizes for guessing which ones.

Tati's Tidbits

NYTimes has published their 52 Places to Go in 2014. Here is a listing of what made their travel plans, with their one liners of their decision. Check out the link for the full discourse:

  1. Cape Town, South Africa – A place to meditate on freedom, and the creative life that followed.
  2. Christchurch, New Zealand – The rebirth of a quake-ravaged city.
  3. North Coast, California  – A glorious new preserve for the public.
  4. Albanian Coast – On a rugged shore, Europe at its best.
  5. Downtown Los Angeles – Downtown? Really? Yes, thanks to a thriving food scene.
  6. Namibia – Africa’s latest conservation success story is a boon for travelers.
  7. Ecuador – Epic biodiversity, and a newly renovated railway to get you there.
  8. Quang Binh, Vietnam – Now open: One of the world’s largest caves.
  9. Perth, Australia – For Australian panache, go west.
  10. Rotterdam, the Netherlands – First-class architecture in the…

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