Finally some relief with the Passport Application – 5th visit.

Today was my 5th visit to the Ghaziabad PSK since last July. They finally accepted my application. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed till I actually have the new passport in my hands.

The day was positive – but not without some drama. In my old passport, my father’s name was spelt “Rajeev”. But his name is actually spelt “Rajiv” in all other documents, including in the verification certificate (Annexure F) that I had got made for my passport application. I had to spend some time convincing the head of the passport centre that it is a minor spelling difference. Finally she agreed and let me use the verification certificate with “Rajiv” (though she refused to let me update the spelling in the new passport).

Let’s hope this comes through.

For those looking for guidance on passport application matters, please refer to a series of posts by me (in chronological order). This should give you a fair idea of what to expect.


2 thoughts on “Finally some relief with the Passport Application – 5th visit.

  1. Hey there!

    Loving your blog! I just stumbled upon it. I am an Indian national working in British (and with Singapore/British work passes). I happen to travel a lot also and would love to contribute my experiences with visas + travels via your blog.

    Quick qn for you – Do you have a compiled list of places an Indian can visit without having to give up passort? That includes VOA, no-visa needed places, places where I can just get visa online etc. The closest I found was this – – but I assume there’s something longer? (e.g. I can visit mexico because I have a US B1 visa)



    • Hi Apoorv. Good to hear from you. Would love to have your experiences on the blog. Do write something and send it to me – I will post it with attribution to you.

      The best list that I found for visa-free / VOA etc is the Wikipedia link I have included in the post that you have referenced. Check it out. About 50 countries on the list.


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