Police Verification – Tatkaal Passport

The local police in my home town (small town in UP) were quite efficient about it. About 10 days after my passport was approved, I got a phone call from the police station. They asked me to submit the following documents at the station:

  • 2 passport police verification affidavits signed by my two local reference persons (the people I had specified on my passport application). This is a standard affidavit, and is available from any registrar/notary.
  • 2 proofs of address (I had a copy of my Punjab National Bank passbook and a gas connection in my name)
  • 2 photographs

All seemed pretty straightforward. Except that I couldn’t visit the police station in person (I was traveling for work). It was sorted out after paying a Rs. 1000 bribe to the official in-charge.

So, it seems, that the police verification is complete. Though I have no way of actually checking the status – the passportindia.gov website doesn’t seem to have any information on this.

The police never actually visited my home.

3 thoughts on “Police Verification – Tatkaal Passport

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  2. Hi Virup, I saw one of your old posts from June 2011 about friends of yours who received ‘refused entry’ letter at St Pancras when they tried to board the Eurostar because the visa wasn’t valid yet. Do you know if they ever tried to apply again for Schengen visa since and whether it was more difficult? Same thing just happened to my mother and I am a bit worried. Many thanks!


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