Visa on Arrival in Vietnam

I arrived in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City Airport – SGN) in Feb 2020. I availed the Visa on Arrival facility with my Indian Passport. Below are the steps taken:

  1. Travel Agent in India got us a visa on arrival approval (apparently you can get this online)
  2. Upon arrival, I went to the dedicated visa counter (not the immigration queue). This had a LOOOONG queue … lots of nationalities need visas for Vietnam I guess … there appeared to be a number of Russians and Australians there in the queue.
  3. There is a Visa Form to fill (available at the airport)
  4. You require two passport sized photos. Now, I didn’t have photos on me. The officer simply asked for “five dollars” — which I assume was a “fine” or a “fee” for a lack of photo.
  5. Had to pay USD 25 fees (official).

Got the visa in about 10-15 mins, after submitting the passport. Had to wait in line for about 20 mins before I could submit the passport. So budget for 30-60 mins for the visa on arrival formalities, and don’t forget to take passport sized photos.