A smooth Finnish (Finland Schengen Visa experience)

Target Country: Finland (Schengen Zone)
Passport: Indian Passport
Visa Type: Tourist Schengen Visa
Processing Consulate/Embassy: London, UK
Documents submitted:

Tickets to and from Finland (electronic itinerary was acceptable).
Hotel bookings for every night spent in Schengen Zone.

GBP £50 (approx) fee in CASH.
Filled application form
Valid passport
Letter from my School saying that I’m a student
Bank statements for the last 6 months (online printout acceptable).
1 Photo
Proof of Travel Insurance (Certificate stating my name and details of policy).

Very smooth. I didn’t need an appointment. There was literally no queue. Took me 10 mins to submit the application (had to step out in the middle to find an ATM for the fee). The visa was processed in 1 week and it was easy enough to pick my passport up.

They refused to issue a multiple entry Schengen visa. Only single entry.
The staff were very nice and were responsive via email.