Visa on Arrival in Vietnam

I arrived in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City Airport – SGN) in Feb 2020. I availed the Visa on Arrival facility with my Indian Passport. Below are the steps taken:

  1. Travel Agent in India got us a visa on arrival approval (apparently you can get this online)
  2. Upon arrival, I went to the dedicated visa counter (not the immigration queue). This had a LOOOONG queue … lots of nationalities need visas for Vietnam I guess … there appeared to be a number of Russians and Australians there in the queue.
  3. There is a Visa Form to fill (available at the airport)
  4. You require two passport sized photos. Now, I didn’t have photos on me. The officer simply asked for “five dollars” — which I assume was a “fine” or a “fee” for a lack of photo.
  5. Had to pay USD 25 fees (official).

Got the visa in about 10-15 mins, after submitting the passport. Had to wait in line for about 20 mins before I could submit the passport. So budget for 30-60 mins for the visa on arrival formalities, and don’t forget to take passport sized photos.

Thailand E-Visa on Arrival (Update)

We are currently in Phuket and got here on an “E-Visa on Arrival” using our Indian Passports. The process for getting this e-visa was as follows:

  1. No more than 30 days before travel, visit this link and fill in the application form:
  2. Do online payment for regular service
  3. Visa is received via Email after 2-3 working days

I took printouts of this visa and arrived in Phuket.

At the Phuket Airport, I couldn’t go directly to the immigration counter. I had to first go to a separate E-Visa On Arrival counter (adjacent to the normal Visa on Arrival counter). I handed in the passports, arrival card and visa printout.

They took about 15 minutes to process the visa and stamp our passports. 2 or 3 flights had arrived at the same time (from India and China) – so the load on the E-Visa counter was high.

After getting the passport stamp, we had to go through immigration and follow the normal process.

Overall, it was a bit faster than getting a full visa on arrival, but still took some processing time upon arrival.

Dubai on a US Tourist Visa

Earlier this year (2019) I visited the UAE on my US Tourist (B1/B2) Visa. Pretty seamless process. At checkin I wasn’t asked any questions about visa. Indian emigration saw my US visa and waved me through.

On arrival in Dubai, these are the steps:

  • Just before entering the immigration queue, there is a counter for Visa on Arrival.
  • You have to go there and purchase the visa on arrival – it cost me about AED 120.
  • If you go straight to the immigration counter, without purchasing the visa on arrival, they will send you back to purchase it.

Simple. No questions asked. And about half the cost of applying for the visa before traveling.

Seychelles – Visa on Arrival with Indian Passport

Wife and I landed at Mahe Airport in The Seychelles last month. Had to fill out an immigration form and a health declaration. The immigration officer asked us for our return tickets. Then stamped a permit on the passport and let us through. No trouble at all and super easy. The permit was set to expire on our date of departure as per the ticket – no grace period of any sort there.

There is no excuse to not go to Seychelles. No visa and its only a 5 hour direct flight from Mumbai. The photos below should inspire you further!

Cat Cocos Jetty - Praslin Island, Seychelles

Granite Boulders - Anse Georgette, Seychelles

More Anse Georgette, Seychelles